QSL Gas and Power

ALDG Member Profile

QSL Gas and Power Limited (QSL-GP) is an indigenous Energy Company, with a fresh and innovative approach to providing gas and power solutions. We distribute Natural Gas for a wide range of industrial and power generation applications including captive & embedded power generation, Industrial Heating and as Feedstock for Gas Based Industries, etc.

Focused on the downstream energy value chain, QSL-GP implements the mandate to carry out Gas distribution to end-users in Nigeria, especially within Edo and Ondo States, working in collaboration with the Nigerian Gas Marketing Company Limited (NGMC).

QSL Gas and Power Limited (QSL-GP) is a customer-focused energy Company with a strong commitment towards an accelerated and effective gas development program for our End-users. In this regard, we adopt the very best management and operational practices to drive sustainable energy provision. In a technology-driven world, we are big on business and operational efficiency, which is backed up by a fully digitized business and service delivery process.