Author: Solomon Nzere

Natural Gas and Climate Change: Africa’s Unique Situation

When it comes to climate change, the numbers reveal a case of unequal responsibility. While the effects of global warming are suffered by all, developed countries are at the centre of the activities causing it. According to Stears Business, “Developed countries are responsible for 79% of historical CO2 emissions; the United States, which is home to 4% of the global population, accounts for 22% of all emissions. By contrast, sub-Saharan Africa is responsible for only

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5 Reasons Why Gas Utilization Should Be a Priority in 2021

Nigeria recently declared 2021-2030 as a decade of gas development. This denotes that the government will deploy significant resources to deepen gas utilization, increase gas infrastructure and strengthen policies and legislation that govern the gas sector. Power Africa provides five reasons why gas utilization should be a priority in 2021.

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